Dionisio Gutiérrez met in Guatemala with former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, Peter Edge and Past President of the IACP, Chief Donald De Lucca

June 10, 2019

Former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Peter Edge, and Donald De Lucca former Chief of Police for the cities of Doral and Miami Beach and former president of the International Association of Chief of Police (IACP) met with Dionisio Gutiérrez, President of Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo to discuss about transnational security.


Dionisio Gutierrez began the meeting describing the sociopolitical situation in Guatemala and the region: We have several issues in security, corruption, drug trafficking, illegal immigration, lack of opportunities and no rule of law. The leaders and the chiefs in our police force are not doing a good job and most of the political leaders are failing.


Peter Edge, explained that “the importance of transnational security as it is, is that all the nations that have mutual interest need to work together. We all share the same interest, so it is very important to focus on those criminal elements that are common for us. (...) We know that drug trafficking has existed for a number of years, but it will continue if there are no enforcement efforts around the region.”


Donald De Lucca added: “there must be willingness on local law enforcement here in your country and other countries to participate at the highest professional level. For example, professional policing is not easily achieved, you have to work hard to get there. So, stop corruption, hire the best people, encourage them to move up, and that will make a difference.”


Gutiérrez agreed with this and explained that in order for Latin American countries to overcome organized crime and reach acceptable development levels, they should focus on strengthening the rule of law: “The path to law compliance and the rule of law goes through political recovery and a government that accomplishes its functions in a modern world. This is an essential effort to consolidate democracy”.


Peter Edge concluded the meeting encouraging Dionisio Gutiérrez to keep working from Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo to promote development for Guatemala: “An organization like yours is critical so that citizens understand the message that democracy is important and to point out those who are doing wrong out there.”

Gutierrez invited Peter Edge and Donald De Lucca to participate on an interview at the TV program Razón de Estado.