259. Dionisio Gutiérrez:Enough with the lies

August 22, 2023
259. Dionisio Gutiérrez: ¡Basta ya de mentiras! Razón de Estado

Editorial of the Razón de Estado program number 259


Have you ever wondered about the harm that living in a world of lies, misinformation, and betrayals does to us? Or the brutal way in which being politically correct weakens us for not speaking truth to power out of fear or cowardice?

Do you question the groups and entities that ally themselves with corrupt powerful figures?

How many times has a politician promised you the world and then resulted in a new betrayal?

What sense does it make to vote for the same politicians that have deceived and offended you for so many years with their corruption, incompetence, empty promises, and lies?

When someone demonstrates an excessive, authoritarian, and even unhealthy determination to attain power, should it be a cause for suspicion?

Guatemala is in danger these days due to the obsession of a candidate like that – someone whom the Constitutional Court rejected in 2011. In 2015, the people told her: "It's not your turn." In 2019, it still wasn't her turn. And it seems that in 2023, it won't be her turn either.

In their right minds, what citizen would vote for an outdated proposal, turned into an official candidate, co-founder of corruption, responsible for shattered dreams and wounded hopes?

In their right minds, what citizen would vote for a politician that has spent two decades eroding the past, corrupting the present, and jeopardizing the future of their nation?

The Guatemalan people are facing an emergency; and even though they have learned from their mistakes, there are still too many devils running loose for so little holy water.

But there's good news. Today, citizens know that they possess one of the most powerful tools that freedom offers: The Vote.   

Elections, when they are free, present an opportunity to change, to renew, to start again. That's why we must vote and defend our vote.

Brave and free nations are the ones that confront, expose, and vote against criminal, vulgar, and ambitious power.

Brave and victorious people choose politicians who respect rights and freedoms; they choose politicians who honor republican democracy and uphold the law, so together, government and society can build better nations, with freedom, solidarity, and dignity.

Voting makes you free. Voting gives you the right to demand and protest. Voting is the duty of a free citizen.

In this tribune, educated speech is our sword and truth our commitment.

We stand up and sign our names.

I am Dionisio Gutiérrez, and this is Razón de Estado