245. Dionisio Gutiérrez: the virtues of the system of Freedom

May 08, 2023
243. Dionisio Gutiérrez: Calientes, mojados y contaminados

Editorial of the Razón de Estado program number  245


The life of human beings is marked by the constant search for opportunities to work and access income to provide shelter, food, and security to our families.

People’s illusion is to achieve well-being.

In Latin America we have a hard time understanding how much politics influences our lives; yes, what politicians do or don’t do to make well-being achievable, or quite the opposite.

For reasons that need to be further studied, we have become superficial and uninterested societies in State matters and how our countries are governed.

Current social life and culture increasingly focus on the search for entertainment and fun instead of critical thinking and reflection, even though we see that our future is being trapped and compromised.

Democracy, justice, and freedom are famous, distant, elegant, and academic words that charlatans, opportunists, and crooks use to reach power and make our lives impossible.

Latin America has been lost for 70 years in a maze of dictatorships, corruption, and populism, with moments and spaces of democracy and freedom that haven’t been enough, in quantity or quality, to consolidate the only political and economic system that offers development and well-being to nations: liberal, republican, and capitalist democracy.

It is not perfect, but all other systems, as confirmed by statistics and history, are the sure path to poverty, slavery, and underdevelopment.

It is evident that we, the people, are making mistakes in almost every election. We’re choosing the least bad option, which almost always turns out worse than the previous one.

Consequently, we’re surrounded by populists, corrupt and authoritarian leaders who come to power promising simple solutions to complex problems, instead of having citizens participating and demanding leadership based on meritocracy and honesty.

Rectifying this is possible, desirable, and necessary.

We must promote a profound change in the political and economic culture which only goal is to achieve political stability, legal certainty, sustainable development, and prosperity. Effects, results, and virtues that are only achieved by the system of civic freedoms and liberty.