266. Dionisio Gutiérrez: Don´t cry for me... populism

October 02, 2023
266. Dionisio Gutiérrez: No llores por mí… populismo

Editorial of the Razón de Estado program number 266


Don't cry for me... populism, I live better without you.

You were born in Argentina and dedicated yourself to destroy it. Once the wealthiest country on the planet, you turned it into another impoverished nation, with economic and social numbers that evoke more pity than shame. However, shame should be reserved for those who have governed or govern countries under the populist flag; yes, that tragedy wrongly called political system, which is clientelistic, enslaving, impoverishing, criminal, and authoritarian.

Years after populism contaminated Argentina, an aberration emerged, known as the socialism of the 21st century – same garbage – which arrived in Latin America with the Chavismo. It was followed by Evo, Correa, Lula, AMLO, Boric, Petro, and others. The Fernández in Argentina only deepened their destructive populism.

As if that was not enough, drug trafficking and other transnational crimes joined the fray; and as we know, populists and these mafias divide, distribute, and share the poisoned fruits of this misfortune, resulting in violence, corruption, and poverty for the region.

Populist leaders disguise their crimes and lies with false public policies. They know they don't work, but they repeat them over and over again. They know they destroy and impoverish, but they are stubborn in their cause, which is to hollow democracies, subdue peoples, and suppress freedoms.

From 2001 to 2014, populism carried out the largest destruction of wealth in Latin America's history. The revenues from high commodity prices were used to build the populist lie, and today, we are paying the consequences.

It is true that the incompetence and corruption of some on the right opened the door to left-wing populism, which is even more corrupt and skilled at lying.

Populist, authoritarian, and corrupt forces on both the right and left are enemies of democracy and freedom. That is why, facing the magnitude of the threat they pose to Latin America, a Group called Freedom and Democracy was founded with the commitment to rescue, defend, and promote the values of freedom and the rules of democracy. We will stand by them in all battles. Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are good starting marks.

If Latin America wishes to achieve development in the 21st century, we have not a second to lose. Development and well-being can only be reached through the path of freedom and democracy.