263. Dionisio Gutiérrez: Like badly castrated pigs

September 11, 2023
263. Dionisio Gutiérrez: A la justicia como a la suegra, se le respeta

Editorial of the Razón de Estado program number 263


In wars, as in dictatorships, the first victim is the truth. However, the truth is also suffering in today's weakened and degraded democracies, where lies, abuse, and injustice are the order of the day.

Although they say that justice, like a mother-in-law, cannot be deceived, Latin America is filling up with a gang of authoritarian vandals and scoundrels who are turning most of the continent's young and hopeful democracies into dumping grounds and drains for their abuses, crimes, and corruption.

We are invaded by a plague of politicians who operate like badly castrated pigs; politicians who, morally, are a disgrace. Politicians who disguise injustice as truth, which is the worst form of justice, and they fail to realize that the injustice done to one is a threat to all.

These are the politicians who dominate Latin America today. They do not understand democracy, justice, or freedom. They do not know that the life of the Republic depends on respecting the separation of powers. Their arrogance and ignorance are so great that they can’t put subject, verb, and predicate in order, and that is why, with their abuses and excesses, they seek to return us to the courts of the Inquisition.

There are moments in the life of nations, such as a crisis, an extraordinary event, or an election, that can change the course of history and define the destiny of a generation.

Therefore, when justice has been kidnapped and corrupted by the vandals, it is the citizens who must not allow injustices, or they would pave the way for all that follows.

Peoples who aspire to be respectable and respected nations cannot have judges who succumb to corruption, sell impunity, or serve ideological or criminal agendas.

Administering justice demands fairness and rectitude because its commitment is the pursuit of truth, and it is expected to be impartial and objective.

And since it will be difficult for the pig to whistle, it is necessary to explain things directly and honestly, assuming the consequences. Justice, like a mother-in-law, deserves respect. Reclaiming the meaning of laws, honoring oaths, and keeping one's word are the only path to the construction of Nations with a capital "N."