246. Dionisio Gutiérrez: The lies that govern the world

May 15, 2023
246. Dionisio Gutiérrez: Las Redes, acercan, pero alejan, construyen, pero destruyen

Editorial of the Razón de Estado program number  246


Social media has brought people closer together, it has facilitated daily life in many ways, and it’s an undeniable success of technology for the benefit of humanity. However, it has also separated and confronted people, families, societies, and nations due to the irresponsible, opportunistic, and even criminal way in which many use it.

There is this feeling that we are witnessing the demolition of education and culture and building an era of false narratives for an ignorant, uninformed, and submissive audience. Few dare to confront it because of the fear of social sanction, disqualification, and rejection.

Misinformation, lies, defamation, and insults; deep fakes, false generation of texts, images, and content are useless for generating trust and building nations.

A philosopher said that lies are the first of all forces that govern the world.

The mercenaries of social media, the liars, those who engage in fraud and slander weaken and put social harmony and freedom at risk.

Social media in the hands of mafia states and criminal organizations make politics a dangerous and destructive instrument, and turn citizens into naive and victimized entities, who end up as passive accomplices or human projectiles with great destructive capacity.

An ignorant and manipulated citizen is a serious threat for development, democracy, and freedom.

Politics’ degradation is largely due to societies making decisions and acting based on incorrect data, fake news, economic interests, or ideological agendas.

That is why it is essential to identify, expose, and denounce those who vulgarize the news and degrade the truth.

Freedom of speech carries responsibility and must be used with respect and distinction.

In nations’ civic life, reason, and sensibility, not emotion and passion, are the guarantee to defend peace and freedom.

Latin American has great opportunities to work for, instead of wasting time in useless conflict.

To prevent false narratives from prevailing, let's inform ourselves objectively, let’s differentiate truth from lies, and develop critical thinking to make the most of this exponential era in technology.