247. Dionisio Gutiérrez: Chileans, Latin America needs you

May 22, 2023
246. Dionisio Gutiérrez: Las Redes, acercan, pero alejan, construyen, pero destruyen

Editorial of the Razón de Estado program number  247


From north to south, an antidemocratic, authoritarian, corrupt, and decadent movement continues to advance in Latin America, sponsored by the Sao Paulo Forum, the Puebla Group, and the Beijing-Moscow-Tehran axis.

It is true that citizens are distanced from politics, but it is also true that increasingly, indefensible, and disreputable candidates and presidents are emerging.

Today, Latin America, with a few known exceptions, is lost in a labyrinth of mediocre, populist, and even narco-trafficking leaders who use ideology, especially from the left, to destroy democracies, turn the government into plunder, and make the people slaves.

The populist left does not understand the economic process. They have no idea how much development costs. They have never worked.

They come to power and believe that a new constitution, governing by decree, and distributing money, even if it bankrupts the country, will solve the problems of underdevelopment and poverty.

After a terrorist attack by the extreme left in Chile in 2019, Chileans went to a constitutional assembly, from which a terrifying proposal emerged that only the Chilean people knew how to reject.

A few days ago, they rescued the constitutional process, and now, liberals and conservatives have the floor. We’ll see what they do with it.

The future of our countries depends on demanding quality, decency, and capacity from politicians and on electing the best.

The problems in Latin America are largely caused by interested and irresponsible social, economic, and fiscal policies. Therefore, in today's world, education and the constructive use of technology must be a priority.

We must correct the historical and cultural factors that limit our ability to prosper, and in that effort, we will find that freedom, the sense of a democratic rule of law, and solidarity are the starting point.

Today, we ask Chile and the Chileans to once again become the beacon of light and the reference point for Latin America.

Chile has done it before. They must repeat the miracle with political action and democratic vitality that allows them to correct and improve.

Chile must continue being a society capable of building spaces for dialogue and understanding, freedom, and pluralism of ideas that coincide in a development model that generates well-being, hope, and freedom.

Chileans, Latin America needs you.