271. Dionisio Gutiérrez: Peace without weapons = democracy without laws

November 06, 2023
271. Dionisio Gutiérrez: Paz sin armas = democracia sin leyes

Editorial of the Razón de Estado program number 271


At a time when the world is divided, democracies on all five continents are weakened, authoritarians are on the rise, and the global economy is showing signs of insufficiency. Amidst Russia's aggression towards Ukraine, Tehran's support for terrorist groups, China's imperialistic ambitions and with Latin America muddied in corruption and populism and the loss of civil liberties, it became difficult to find reasons for optimism.

While we must always hold onto is the hope for a future of peace and prosperity and the commitment to give our best so that this creation, which, despite everything is a marvel, continues to write chapters on its history.

The criminal terrorist attack on Israel and the fire and death it caused for millions of innocent civilians on both sides of the conflict have the world on edge. And as if that weren't enough, the enemies of Israel and the West are showing their teeth. And it is suspected that the arrogant dictatorship in Beijing sees this moment as an opportunity to enter Taiwan.

History teaches us that despots and tyrants in power who make serious miscalculations end up in the trash of a prison or facing a firing squad.

We hope that today's despot and tyrants have the history books at hand. It is as true that only military strength guarantees peace as it is that the viability and survival of democracy can only be ensured if there is a respect for the rule of law. That's right. It is as true that peace cannot exist without arms as it is that democracy fades if laws are not respected.

In the early years of this third decade of the 21st century, it becomes increasingly evident that the world needs a new generation of leaders, statesmen, honorable men and women capable of commitment to democracy with leading and effective institutions, respectful of justice and lovers of freedom. This is what the world needs. This is what the peoples of the world should demand.

This is what saved the world we're living in.